What Other Students Have Said About Julian

My experience with Julian wasn’t just about learning music, it felt more like nerding out on music. He clearly identified my mistakes and taught me ways to avoid them and left none of my questions unanswered. If he was teaching how to use a hammer, I would still learn a few tricks from him!


My son took private piano lessons with Julian and we love him! His patience was endless, even with a 5 year-old beginner, rambunctious young boy. I was wowed at how calmly and yet with fun he engaged my son around music and developing technique. I highly recommend Julian for music instruction.


Julian was able to identify that my daughter was interested in writing music and used this to keep her interested in playing. He worked very well with her and kept her motivated. She says he was the best piano teacher and he allowed her to experiment instead of just being by the book.


Julian was my first music teacher ever, and he was the perfect mixture of encouragement and discipline. After my first session I no longer felt embarrassed at being so new to music; instead Julian cultivated an environment in which I felt galvanized to practice and perform to the best of my ability, which grew noticeably under his tutelage. If I hadn’t moved away I would absolutely still be his student, and I would strongly recommend him to anyone that wants to learn.


Our son took his first piano lessons with Julian and we could not have been happier. He was incredibly patient and eager to help him understand and was able to keep him engaged. Not only, that he was happy to specifically tailor the lessons to our son’s interests. I highly recommend him!


Well mannered, very professional, outstanding craftsmanship and extremely patient. Julian has been teaching my daughter Gabriela piano for almost 2 years and her excitement and love for the instrument has surpassed anything I could’ ve imagined, I’ve watched and listened and the way that he teaches the class is just truly remarkable.

Pamela V.

The classes with Julian were like a weekly music therapy for me. More than just learning how to play an instrument, he really got me interested into the theory and what goes behind the learning process, which made things really easy to understand and to follow. As we progressed and I got to understand music theory in a clearer way, it was very exciting to pick up the instrument and slowly put things into practice. He was also very attentive on helping me get rid of bad habits, developing a good practice methodology and giving me a solid base to keep going on my own. 100% recommended.


Finding accordionists is not easy any more, finding a teacher who is patient and who tailors their teaching based on my goals, moods, weaknesses and strengths is almost impossible. Julian has helped me to learn to play the accordion in way I can learn, have fun, and excel. I cannot say enough how great he has been work with, and can only wish that people who have an interest in learning the accordion to take the chance with a master such as Julian. Thank you so much for everything again, Renato Z.


He was always responsive and patient when it came to what I was looking for out of his classes. He was able to teach not only pieces well, but also taught the theory behind them and the ways in which one can more efficiently learn them.


My siblings and I took piano class for a couple of years and were turned off by our lack of progress. After taking classes with Julian for about a year we were surprised by our progress. His teaching methods cater to the students. For instance, I like to play fast and as a result make a lot of mistakes. Julian worked with metronomes and counting the beats to working at half-time or slower until I was confident to play faster.


I must say when I started my piano lessons with Julian, I didn’t know what to expect. The more lessons I took, the more excited I looked forward to practicing. Julian’s very professional and proactive. His laid back approach made it easy for me to learn. Plus his attention to detail helped me develop good habits behind the piano. I never had a dull moment. I would encourage anyone to work with Julian.


Julian was amazing. He was very patient with my 7 yr old. My son made so much progress under him and actually started liking piano. He was also very accommodating with our schedule. Overall wonderful instructor! Highly recommend.


My experience with Julian has been nothing short of exceptional. Starting my piano learning journey as an adult was a slightly daunting thought, until I sat down with Julian for the first time. His skill, musically and as a teacher, is clear from the get-go. A very friendly, knowledgable, patient (thankfully!), and passionate teacher who has contributed to me looking forward to lessons every week.


Julian is great at noticing what his students need to make progress, why they might be stalling, and help them overcome that! He realized that despite my lack of experience or talent I enjoy a good challenge, gave me one, and helped me work through it until I succeded– had I stuck to the standard introductory materials I probably would have given up from boredom a long time ago.

Reka W.