Getting Started

I have launched this new website, and am very excited to share it with you. There are so many things to be excited and nervous about when starting a new website. How do I make it look good? What are the best things to say on the website? What pictures should I use? How should I advertise to get people to find my site?

Learning to play an instrument for the first time is much the same. You are excited about all the possibilities of pieces to learn, places to play and ways to share your music with others. There are also plenty of anxieties that come with the excitement. Am I playing correctly? Do I know the right notes for a song? Am I playing the right rhythm? How do I make sure not to forget anything when I perform?

All of these anxieties are normal, and you should never feel like you are alone or incapable of learning your instrument because of them. Taking lessons is the best way to learn strategies to help you overcome these anxieties. A good teacher will give you strategies for staying relaxed while playing, ensure that you are using the proper technique so you avoid injury, and provide you with resources to help you maintain the confidence necessary to reach your goals.

I am excited to show you this new website because it is the platform that will allow me to show you how much you can learn when we work together in your lesson. All The Hints is not just a fun name, but a pledge I make to all my students: Always provide you with the best ideas for learning so that you can become your best at whatever you choose to work on.

I can’t wait to hear about what you want to learn!

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